Executive Summary

The Integrated CO2 Network (ICO2N), in partnership with PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada, and over 25 industry entities, have completed the Alberta CO2 Purity project; a project aimed at developing strong “made in Canada” purity guidelines that will inform commercial scale demonstration carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. These guidelines will provide a foundation for accelerated CCS deployment in Canada, and develop an integrated picture of CO2 requirements from source to sink. It will also advise on the optimum purity requirements for a CCS Network, thereby addressing critical knowledge gaps for CCS technology deployment.

The Alberta CO2 Purity Project is a first of its kind project not only in Canada, but worldwide. Purity specifications have never been evaluated across the entire chain, and more importantly across an entire spectrum of impurities in combination as opposed to focusing on single impurities or processes. In determining optimal CO2 Purity, this will lead to lower costs in overall CCS implementation, ensure proper due diligence is complete before undertaking new projects, and ultimately aid in the overall reduction of GHGs through further knowledge, safety, and practicality of CC technology.

The Project will develop a detailed techno-economic model populated with derived data that can analyze system scenarios to determine the effects of impurities and optimize purity levels across integrated CCS infrastructure. This work, to be completed in Alberta, will establish purity recommendations that can be utilized by regulators, academia and industry in Alberta, Canada, and jurisdictions across the globe.

Final Report

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