Executive Summary

PTAC has facilitated the completion of Phase 1 of a nuclear energy options study for the Oil Sands. The conclusions and recommendations of this study address the practical use of nuclear energy in three (3) typical Oil Sands project/energy demand configurations, as defined by the PTAC Alternative Energy Solutions Committee (AES):

1) 120k BPD In-situ (SAGD), constructed in four (4) 30k BPD stages;
2) 100k BPD Mining; and
3) 100k BPD Integrated Mine and Upgrader.

This study evaluated the currently available Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) that are either in operation or under construction, NPP designs that could be available within a five (5) to seven (7) year period, and the ‘next generation’ nuclear power plant designs that could be available by 2020. The NPPs are primarily required for producing steam instead of electricity, which is the current form.

Final Report Documents

Evaluation Report


Levelized Unit Energy Costs (LUEC) Summary

Levelized Unit Energy Costs (LUEC) Calculations

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