Executive Summary

This report is the culmination of two years of hard work and effort by the PTAC committee researching CO2 Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery. We have achieved our goal of addressing one of the most important topics identified as a barrier to executing enhanced recovery projects in Alberta using CO2 – what is the availability of commercial quantities of CO2 and what is required to create or aggregate a supply? This report examines the technical feasibility and associated costs of aggregating significant volumes of CO2 for use in enhanced oil recovery specifically from the Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding area. To that end, SNC-Lavalin were contracted to:
• Confirm the feasibility of CO2 recovery at the identified sources
• Provide conceptual details of processing and aggregation of
• Generate Class V capital and operating cost estimates (+/- 40%)
• Provide plot plans for the facilities provided at each CO2 source and the central
compression facility
This report would not have been possible without the vision, guidance, support and funding of the participating companies and government agencies listed below. The multi-disciplined approach to this project has significantly enhanced the quality of the final report.

Final Report

Executive Summary

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