The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a group of forward-thinking oil and gas industry professionals, innovators, financiers, policy makers, incubators & accelerators, academics and students committed to the success of the hydrocarbon energy sector, the people and communities that it touches, and a strong, carbon-competitive and diversified Canadian economy.

CRIN is comprised of individuals and companies of all sizes and represents a network of highly successful industrial and regional resources, capital, and talent. With its participants and impacts global in nature, CRIN builds on a longstanding Canadian innovation success story and positions the energy industry for further success in the 21st century through a determined focus on accelerated commercialization of technology and innovation.

Managed by PTAC, CRIN is a network of networks consisting of seven theme areas, including the Methane Emissions Reduction Network and the Digital Innovation Network.

For more information and to join CRIN, please visit the network’s website at Also, follow CRIN on LinkedIn to stay informed on all things innovation.