Electrical Generation Technology Demonstration – Phase 3

Executive Summary

Four gas-to-power (electrical generation) technologies were instrumented as part of Phase 3 of the Electrical Generation Demonstration project, to provide operational data over an extended time. The units have been operated by their owners continuously for over a year. The gas-to-power units were instrumented in early 2023 by SRC to collect process data for this report, although only three units supplied data within sufficient time for this report. Gas-to-power technologies can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the oil and gas sector by combusting methane-rich gas streams, which may otherwise be directly vented to atmosphere. Methane will combust to carbon dioxide while generating power which can be used for any appropriately sized application. Oftentimes it is used to power a compressed air system or instrumentation/pumps and further reduces overall emissions by preventing pneumatic venting of methane. This electrical generation demonstration was a joint effort by the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), and the producers: Cenovus Energy, Ovintiv, and Tourmaline Oil. Electrical production performance and process parameters were measured. The data was analyzed to determine methane destruction efficiencies and to observe how external weather conditions affected the electrical production performance or process parameters. In addition, qualitative observations on the function of the gas-to-power technologies, as described by the producers, are presented as part of this report.

Final Report: 8 CERIN SRC Electrical Generation Demonstration Phase 3 Final Public Report