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Date(s) - 24/10/2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Calgary Petroleum Club

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  • Innovation Showcase

    October 24, 2019 at the Calgary Petroleum Club!

    Our industry faces the challenge of reducing operational costs and implementing more efficient processes to improve overall company performance and safety given the current state of the market. Time is very short to affect a vast change in industry infrastructure, this is why this event seeks to address the interactions of technology and service providers to meet with end-users and producers.

    The 2019 Innovation Showcase acts as an open space for technology end-users to access a great deal of information on innovative cost reduction and environmental improvement technologies, these include the services available from a number of organizations in a short amount of time. This an exciting occasion for all attending to gain exposure in the field of oil and gas and network with industry leaders.

    Exhibitors will have tables setup in a tradeshow format at the Calgary Petroleum Club, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and event registrants are welcome to visit the showcase within that time to browse and network with exhibition participants. An assortment of refreshments and beverages will be provided throughout the showcase.

    This event is free to attendees until October 23. RSVP today.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to exhibit or attend this exciting, informative, and social event!

    Our current exhibitors:

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  • Exhibitors will have tables setup in a trade-show format at the Calgary Petroleum Club, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Registrants are welcome to visit the showcase within that time-frame to browse and network with showcase participants.

    PTAC will update the agenda with participating exhibitors as they are confirmed. Below is a brief description of what participating exhibitors will highlight at the Showcase.


    Anax Power

    Anax Power generates clean power from natural gas, without combustion. By using the pressure and flow of gas moving through pipelines, the Anax Turboexpander creates financial and environmental value for natural gas power plants, pipeline operators, and large industrial users of natural gas and electricity.

    Learn more at www.anaxpower.com.



    Bluesource Methane is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bluesource Canada, a leading carbon offset project in North America. Our methane reduction program in Alberta has assisted 21 oil and gas producers in Alberta meet incoming provincial and federal methane regulations by financing the replacement of pneumatic devices. This has allowed producers to benefit by receiving brand new equipment, early methane compliance, and the ability to generate revenue through carbon offset credits from what would otherwise be a capital outlay in 2023. We have replaced over 6,000 devices and are on track to reaching our 10,000 device replacement target. This will result in annual reductions of 500,000tCO2e, equivalent to removing 100,000 cars off the road. We will showcase highlights of our program and potential expansion opportunities globally.

    Learn more at www.bluesource.com.


    Calscan Solutions

    Calscan Solutions is an instrumentation and control company that manufactures and designs greenhouse gas measurement equipment and electric controls for replacing pneumatic devices on wellhead separators. Our solutions include Hawk measurement equipment and Bear Electric low power actuators.

    Learn more at www.calscan.net.



    Capstone Abandonments is a division of Capstone Oilfield Services Ltd. which uses custom designed equipment packages built exclusively to optimize well abandonment work. Each package included a service rig with integrated e-line capability and a cementing unit. This new approach to well abandonment has multiple advantages:

    • Reduces the amount of equipment and number of people required to execute the work,
    • Virtually eliminates non-productive time waiting on services,
    • Achieves economic and time efficiencies that were not previously achievable,
    • Reduces the carbon impact of abandonments compared to current practices with multiple contractors, and
    • Customers experience greater certainty of well integrity repair success using industry-leading VentMeter™ technology.

    Learn more at www.capstoneos.com.



    Easily manage your entire Emissions Program. From your vent inventory to your Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), from your flaring logs to your fence line monitoring. Everything has its place in the CNTRAL Platform™ and it’s all contained under one, easy-to-use roof.

    Learn more at www.cntr.al.


    Emission RX

    Emission Rx Ltd. provides efficient enclosed combustion solutions for a variety of applications including casing gas, tank vapours, BTEX vapours, or any other source of vent gas. Recent regulatory changes in Alberta and Saskatchewan have resulted in producers looking to implement strategies to reduce their methane emissions. ERx’s new “C Series” combustors offer regulatory compliance, optimal performance and at a price point that will ensure compatibility with producers’ economic requirements.

    Learn more at www.emission-rx.com.



    Established in 2006, Ensol Systems began as a manufacturing facility specializing in the design and production of metering skids, pump packages and electrical panels for Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry. We quickly discovered that a big issue that continually arose was the availability of reliable power for the remote locations that our packages were being shipped to. Aspiring to be true to our company name Ensol (Engineered Solutions), we set out to develop a solution to the remote power challenges. Ensol Systems specializes in building rugged, reliable clean power systems that are field proven and purpose-built for the most challenging off-grid industrial locations. Utilizing clean power technologies, we are committed to supplying a high-quality, innovative solution to your remote power challenges.

    Learn more at www.ensolinc.com.



    Envirosoft Corporation is a Calgary based software company that specializes in the Environmental, Regulatory, and Compliance needs of the Oil & Gas industry. We will be showing our EMPOWER suite™ of software applications that provide a comprehensive solution for the management, calculation, tracking, and reporting of:

    • Greenhouse Gases (GHGRP/BCGHG) and Air Contaminants (NPRI)
    • Benzene and Methane from Glycol Dehydrators (Directive 039)
    • Fuel/Flare/Vent reporting (Directive 017)
    • Annual methane reporting (Directive 060)

    Learn more at www.envirosoft.com.


    Extreme Telematics Corp.

    Extreme Telematics Corp. (ETC) has been building electronic controls and sensors for oil and gas since 2001. Their products are low power, hazardous locations approved, and operate over a wide temperature range. ETC is currently the market leader for plunger sensors, as operators all over the world trust the Cyclops plunger arrival sensor and Sasquatch plunger velocity sensor on their wells. They also manufacture plunger controllers for more than 15 plunger service companies under their brand name.

    They’ve now combined this industrial control experience with their telecommunications DNA to create an integrated edge processing system that is open, flexible, and scalable to drive collaboration between multiple producers and vendors.

    The Morpheus edge processor is an embedded edge processor featuring common integrated I/O that can be scaled up, an integrated solar charger, optional LTE modem, and optional local wireless, all packaged in a DIN rail mount case. Morpheus devices are managed from Vision Device Management where you can buy highly analytical edge apps or build your own. Devices all push data that is routed in real time to the monitoring system of your choice.

    Learn more at etcorp.ca.



    GHGSat’s vision is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas emissions from industrial sites, using satellite technology.

    GHGSat’s novel technology and satellite platform enables GHG and air quality gas measurement with better accuracy at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. Owners of industrial facilities can monitor all their facilities, local or remote, anywhere in the world, with a common technology. Significantly improved emissions information enables industrial operators to better measure, control, and ultimately reduce emissions of GHGs and air quality gases.

    Learn more at www.ghgsat.com.


    Ingu Solutions

    Ingu Solutions’ Pipers™ technology provides oil and gas companies with immediate and affordable access to pipeline asets even in the most challenging conditions. This revolutionary technology uses miniaturized inline sensors to detect leaks, geometric defects, magnetic anomalies, and deposits that threaten pipeline performance and safety with zero downtime. Pipers™ eliminate the need for human intervention, reducing inspection costs, and strengthening preventive maintenance.

    Learn more at ingu.co.



    IronSight gives industrial operations a bird’s-eye view of everything happening in the field. Uber-like apps are used to digitally request, dispatch, GPS track, and analyze services. This creates a singular hub for operations and service providers to communicate and coordinate work together. By replacing archaic pen&paper logistics with the IronSight platform, our customers have increased utilization of mobile workers by up to 38%.

    Learn more at ironsight.ca.


    Process Ecology

    Process Ecology helps oil and gas companies in Western Canada to manage air emissions regulations and the corresponding requirements. We are emissions experts, engineers, and software developers, and we can help in all aspects of air emissions management – from data gathering to emissions estimation and reporting, to facility optimization and emissions reduction. Our cloud applications allow everyone on your team to access the relevant information that they need to see.

    In short, we help ensure compliance with air emissions regulations while finding opportunities to reduce emissions.

    Learn more at processecology.com.


    Quebe Technologies Inc

    Quebe has developed a low-cost environmental surveillance platform that improves the accuracy of emissions measurement while reducing the cost of regulatory compliance. Quebe’s smart multi-sensing technology combines connectivity, on board climatic data, software and data science to automate emissions management. The device is small, requires no external power and is designed for harsh environments for deployment anywhere.


    Roska DBO Inc

    Roska DBO Inc. is a customer-focused design, build and operate company with a 25-year track record offering expertise in production and equipment solutions on well sites and facilities. Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, with a network of locations, Roska serves western and northern Canada, with a primary focus on the Alberta/ B.C. region. At the Innovation Showcase, Roska will be displaying our Clean Air equipment. Clean Air simultaneously improves worker safety, reduces methane emissions, and lowers costs on oil and gas facility locations.

    Learn more at roskadbo.com.


    Saskatchewan Research Council

    Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) has several fully mobile and operational trailers — under SRC’s respected Centre for the Demonstration of Emissions Reductions (CeDER) banner — that can test methane mitigation and conversion technologies at real-life oil and gas facilities in the field and across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. CeDER allows valuable industry and government funds to be directed at testing actual technologies — and to test those technologies where it matters most to all stakeholders — on real-life emissions at real-life field locations across all types of installations and formations. CeDER supplements and complements SRC’s renowned capabilities and experience in the testing and validation of EOR technologies across fields from oil sands to heavy oil to “light and tight” formations such as the Viking and Bakken. SRC works across Canada and internationally with a Calgary office providing ease of access to our services.

    Learn more at www.src.sk.ca.


    Simark Controls

    Simark Controls Ltd. has been supplying products and solutions to industry since 1971. Over the years, we’ve learned that a great product is only great if it’s the right product for the job – if it’s well integrated, well implemented and well supported. Reliable, off-grid power is a challenge in any application. EFOY Pro Hybrid fuel cell systems provide fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance free, off-grid power solutions capable of handling the harshest environments.

    The highly skilled and trained employees of Simark are the key assets of the company. The technical staff is certified by the appropriate organizations in a variety of trades, ensuring the quality and dependability of their products and services.

    Learn more at www.simarkcontrols.com.


    Sirius Instrumentation & Controls Inc.

    Sirius Controls is an Albertan company that focuses on helping the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry reduce its emissions in a profitable manner for our customers. Our chemical injection systems are designed to not only eliminate greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce the risk of chemical spills, lessen disposal costs, reduce maintenance costs and optimize the amount of chemical injected, thereby reducing our customers two largest expenses: manpower and chemical costs. Sirius also focuses on continuous improvement which has created innovations to our product line to allow for automation, remote control and monitoring to significantly increase reliability and reduce costs associated with chemical injected.

    Learn more at www.siriuscontrols.com.


    SM Instruments Inc.

    SM instruments is a global manufacturer of acoustic and ultrasonic leak detection camera systems. These devices allow for the visualization of sound across a wide spectrum that makes them ideally suited to find gas leaks for a variety of industries. SM Instruments – See What You Can’t Hear

    Learn more at www.smins.co.kr.


    Spartan Controls

    Spartan Controls is the recognized leading provider of industrial automation, valves, measurement and process control solutions and services for process industries in Western Canada. For over 55 years, Spartan has provided Customers with high performance automation solutions, industry expertise, lifecycle support, and technical training – delivering value our Customers want. Our automation solutions are used in all process industries including oil and gas, oil sands, mining, pulp and paper, power, pipeline, and municipal. With our employees (referred to as Spartans!) living and working in 14 communities across Western Canada, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Customer experiences where expertise and collaboration come together.

    Learn more at www.spartancontrols.com.


    Total Combustion Inc.

    TCI is an Alberta owned and operated incineration company that has focused on clean combustion since 1999. TCI provides rental and ‘for-sale’ products that boast no smoke, no order, no visible flame, and reduces methane with a 99.8% combustion efficiency

    Learn more at www.tciburners.com.


    Target Emissions Services

    As regulatory and subject matter EXPERTS, we provide a full range of fugitive emission management services to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We specialize in the use of OPTICAL GAS IMAGING to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks and vents. Our experience and innovative technology provides accurate, safe, and cost-effective detection & measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions

    Learn more at www.targetemission.com.


    TriCore Carbon Solutions

    TriCore Carbon Solutions helps producers gain operational efficiencies and comply with future methane reduction regulations by leveraging the emissions market to lease equipment with no capital outlay. We offer expertise for leveraging the emissions market, navigating compliance regulations, and offer innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for the oil and gas industry

    Learn more at tricoresolutions.ca.



    VizworX is an award-winning software solutions firm specializing in addressing critical client business needs through the appropriate application of advanced technologies including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and data visualization. VizworX will be demonstrating Panoptica, an augmented and virtual reality-based engineering model review application.

    Learn more at vizworx.com.


    Westgen Technologies Inc.

    Westgen Technologies Inc. is a remote power generation company aiming to reduce development costs while improving environmental sustainability in the Canadian Upstream Oil and Gas industry. Westgen’s EPOD technology provides reliable electricity and compressed air to power your remote wellsite and eliminate methane venting from pneumatic control systems and pumps. By using innovative modular design, leveraging proven technologies with low operating costs, and generating carbon credits, Westgen can reduce your costs while improving your environmental sustainability.

    Learn more at westgentech.com.

  • The 2019 Innovation Showcase will take place October 24, 2019 at the Calgary Petroleum Club  from 9:00 am to 12:00 PM. The venue will be set up in a tradeshow format and event registrants are welcome to visit the venue any time within the showcase timeframe to browse and network with exhibitors.

    Cost for participation as an exhibitor is as follows:

    • Non-Members $595.00
    • PTAC Members:  $375.00

    If you are not currently a PTAC member, you can apply for membership here.

    Cost for exhibitor participation will cover:

    • A 8X3 foot table, where you can display your technologies or services
    • Opportunity to display 1 banner by your table
    • Distribution of your promotional materials*
    • Logo presented on PTAC Marketing materials leading up to the event
    • Nametags for registered exhibitors

    Please note:

    • The materials you bring must fit into the 8X3 foot space assigned. Other examples of display materials include a screen for running slides, brochures, sample pieces of equipment, etc. If you have additional questions and/or special requests, please contact [email protected] directly to clarify what materials can be showcased at your table.
    • There will be accessible plug-ins throughout the room, but PTAC cannot guarantee that there will be power outlets at every table. Please bring an extension cord to be safe.

    If you are interested in exhibiting, please download and complete the exhibitor form.

    Return the completed form to [email protected] as soon as possible, but no later than Sept 31. The Petroleum Club can only accommodate 29 tables, so they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

    Cancellation with full refund will only be accepted until September 24, 2019. After that date, there will be no refund.