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Date(s) - 14/07/2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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LCO Technologies is a PTAC award winning manufacturer of the CROSSFIRE, which is an ultra-low power consumption common platform, commonly powered by solar energy. The CROSSFIRE can be used to replace pneumatic chemical injection pumps and compress air to power pneumatic instrumentation to reduce producer’s reliance on fuel gas systems and eliminate Methane emissions.

The CROSSFIRE common platform can be adapted to other applications, starting with vent gas capture from tanks. Current research and design efforts (sponsored by NRC-IRAP) include adapting the CROSSFIRE to a higher volume, lower pressure output version that can be used to capture, measure, and re-compress vent gas where it can then be destroyed or used for some other benefit. As the CROSSFIRE is driven by solar energy, this technology will have a limited volume capacity and will be suitable for applications with a single tank, or series of small tanks, in remote locations. Protype testing is scheduled to begin in mid July. There are a number of variables that are still unknown that we hope to resolve during the bench testing process.

Future research and design efforts include adapting the CROSSFIRE technology to crank case venting and packing box vents on compressors.

Using the vent gas from tanks as blanket gas is also an option to improve safety.

If successful, the CROSSFIRE could be the lowest cost option for achieving a near absolute zero venting environment in remote locations. Data and IIoT is currently available allowing the integration of data into your field operations decisions.

Improved environmental performance with potential carbon credits and operational efficiency gains make the CROSSFIRE a worthwhile technology to consider.


Steve Froehler, Director

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