Executive Summary

GeoViz is a collaborative geospatial visualization system that supports simultaneous multi-user interaction, discussion and decision making. GeoViz improves effectiveness and reduces costs by bringing the whole team to the table, wherever they may be. For co-located team members, collaborative interactions take place through a touch interactive geospatial platform. For personnel in remote locations, mobile device integration allows meaningful visual and interactive participation.

In 2015, PTAC is launching Phase 2 of this exciting technology development and is inviting funding participation.

Oil and gas companies acquire extremely large amounts of overlapping data, most of which is either directly geospatial in nature, or geolocated. This includes both subsurface and surface data. Various groups within the companies “own” different portions of these data sets. However, the ability for these groups to effectively and efficiently communicate the value and meaning of their data sets to each other can be difficult. GeoViz has been developed to simplify this process and improve the overall decision making capabilities of these companies around geospatial data.

Phase 1 of this project developed the base correlative interaction system supporting the following capabilities:

  • Multi-layer geospatial data interaction on a large touch screen display
  • Meta data query and display for geospatial point data
  • Sub-window Workspace creation and interaction
  • IP connected mobile device connection to Workspace(s)
  • Full mobile device interaction with connected Workspace, mirrored on touch screen display and vice versa
  • Mobile device switching between Workspaces
  • Printing of visible geospatial extent
  • ArcGIS 10.2.2 integration

Phase 1 has already shown the benefit and opportunity that exists in providing a collaborative geospatial environment where teams of people can physically come together to make decisions. During the process of the Phase 1 development a number of additional capabilities were identified as being beneficial to add to the base system to expand its collaborative functionality. Phase 2 of this project will focus on these additional capabilities.

To receive more information on this project or to participate, please contact Marc Godin, Technology Advisor [email protected] or 403-218-7720.