Methane Destruction for Pipeline Blowdowns (Portable Incineration)

Executive Summary

Pipeline blowdowns are an important part of TC Energy’s natural gas operating practices which allow for the safe execution of pipeline repairs and maintenance activities. During a pipeline blowdown, an isolated pipeline segment is fully depressurized by venting the natural gas in the pipeline to atmosphere. In many instances, TC Energy owned-and-operated portable transfer compressors can reduce the volume of natural gas vented to atmosphere by redirecting the natural gas from the isolated pipeline segment to another pressurized segment elsewhere on the pipeline system. However, technical, and logistical constraints prevent these compressors from depressurizing the pipeline segment fully and therefore, a residual volume of gas remains in the pipe that has been traditionally vented to atmosphere.

Final Report: 2 CERIN TCE Methane Destruction for Pipeline Blowdowns (Portable Incineration) Final Public Report