NRCan Tank HQP Current State of Knowledge Tank Methane Mitigation

Executive Summary

This study explores methane mitigation from tanks, which are a significant methane source in Canada. The study identifies root causes of tank emissions, which helps to inform mitigation options. It is likely that root causes which result in fluctuating, intermittent emissions contribute to a large portion of the tank methane inventory. This study updates previous reports on methane mitigation options, with a focus on those applicable to tanks. Options are categorized as prevention, sale of gas, conversion to new products, production of efficient power, and disposal. Prevention is the foremost mitigation strategy for existing and new developments. The report includes an economic analysis of several mitigation options, as well as a case study of aerial surveys as a methane management tool for oil and gas tanks. Due to the great diversity in oil and gas site types, and a very large number of sites, there is not a particular culprit nor a “silver bullet” solution. Moreover, it is difficult to estimate the costs of mitigation options because the financial analysis is specific to the site. A solution which is profitable for one site, may be costly for another.

Final Report: 10 CERIN SRC Tank Methane Mitigation Final Public Report