Presentations and Resources

Regulatory Updates

Alberta’s Methane Emissions Reduction Policy
Arron Best, Alberta Energy

Alternative Fugitive Emission Management Programs (available upon request at [email protected])
Lindsay Campbell, Alberta Energy Regulator

Saskatchewan’s Methane Action Plan – Year 1 Update
Doug MacKnight, Governments of Saskatchewan

Project Updates

Fugitive Emissions Management Program Effectiveness Assessment: Lessons for Methane Emissions Mitigation
Arvind Ravikumar, Harrisburg University

Alberta Methane Field Challenge: New Technology in Methane Emissions Mitigation
Arvind Ravikumar, Harrisburg University

Intelligent Methane Monitoring & Management System (IM3S): Reducing methane emissions with advanced analytics
Thomas Fox, University of Calgary

Opportunities for methane emissions reduction supporting innovation and technology
Cooper Robinson, Cap-Op Energy

Research studies and Data-Driven Decision Making

Investigation of Fugitive and Venting Emissions from Fixed-Roof Storage Tanks
Yori Jamin, Clearstone

AER Study Updates: Compressor Seal Venting and CHOPs Gas Production (available upon request at [email protected])
Cassandra Schostek, Alberta Energy Regulator

Keynote Addresses

Digital Impact: Evolving Our Mindset
Judy Fairburn, Co-founder, The51

Opportunities in an Uncertain Time
Jim Gibson, Partner & Co-Founder, Thin Air Labs

Data Acquisition

Evaluate Your Perspective
Sean Greenwood, President, Canadian UAVs

Data Enabling

Enabling Business Decision Making with Advanced Analytics, ML, AI
Mong Dang, Manager, Advanced Analytics, Suncor Energy

Cloud-based Intelligent Visual Monitoring
Paul Ritchie, VP Sales and Client Services, Osprey Informatics

Data Engagement

Augmented Digital Visualization in Design
Len Grzyb, Business Performance & Innovation, Worley

The Future of Asset Ownership in Today’s Connected World
David Lod, CEO, VEERUM Inc

Applications of Machine Vision and AI for Resource Recovery
Grant Sanden, CEO, Enersoft Inc

Keynote Address

Faster Forests: A Decade Later
Robert Albricht, Sr. Coordinator, Environmental Operations, ConocoPhillips


Canada Warbler Response to Vegetation Structure on Recovering Seismic Lines
Jocelyn Gregoire, MSc Student, University of Alberta & Dr. Erin Bayne, Professor, University of Alberta

Caribou Habitat Restoration – Algar (Studying Outcomes of An Alternative Treatment Trial Phase 2) 
Scott Wilson, Resource Analyst, Silvacom

Response of Moose to Landscape Disturbance: Implications for Caribou Conservation
Karine Pigeon, Research Biologist, fRI Research, Tracy McKay, Wildlife Biologist, fRI Research & Laura Finnegan, Caribou Program Lead, fRI Research

PTAC Ecological Research Planning Committee Update
Shane Patterson, Science and Technology Specialist, Alberta Environment and Parks

Redefining Designable Units (DUs): Phase 2, Mountain and Boreal Caribou in Alberta and BC
Marco Musiani, Professor, University of Calgary

Boreal Caribou Calving Areas and Calf Survival in Relation to Habitat, Disturbance and Predation Risk
Laura Finnegan, Caribou Program Lead, fRI Research & Tracy McKay, Wildlife Biologist, fRI Research

Evaluating Genetic Non-Invasive Sampling Approaches to Inform Grizzly Bear Population Inventories and Monitoring
Isobel Phoebus, Wildlife Biologist, fRI Research, John Boulanger, Environmental Consultant, Integrated Ecological Research, Anja Sorensen, Wildlife Research Biologist, fRI Research, Karen Graham, Wildlife Biologist, fRI Research & Gord Stenhouse, Research Scientist & Grizzly Bear Program Lead, fRI Research

Keynotes and Remarks

The Role of Innovation on Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets and Equivalency
Monica Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Efficiency Alberta

Launch of the Methane Emissions Reduction Network (opening remarks) 
Soheil Asgarpour, President, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

Forum Observations, Conclusions, and Next Steps
Wayne Hillier, Alberta Manager, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Regulatory and Industry Perspectives

Panel notes
• Mark Taylor, Executive Vice-President Operations Division, Alberta Energy Regulator
• Ken Paulson, Chief Operating Officer, British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
• Mike Crabtree, Vice President, Energy Division, Saskatchewan Research Council
• Patrick McDonald, Director Climate and Innovation, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Provincial Regulation Development
Gerald Palanca, Regulatory Framework Manager, Alberta Energy Regulator

Federal Regulation Development
James Diamond, Manager, Upstream Oil and Gas, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Funding and Innovation

Panel notes
• Elizabeth Shirt, Executive Director of Policy & Strategy, Emissions Reduction Alberta
• John Zhou, Vice-President Clean Energy, Alberta Innovates
• Darryl Hill, Vice President, Program Design and Delivery, Energy Efficiency Alberta
• Yvan Champagne, President, Blue Source Canada

Technology Development and Deployment Perspectives

Panel notes
• Joy Romero , Vice-President Technology and Innovation, Canadian Natural Resources
• Cory Bergh, Vice-President Financial & Information Services, NAL Resources Management
• Sean Hiebert, Senior Technical Advisor, Climate Policy Assurance, The Alberta Energy Regulator
• Arvind P. Ravikumar, Assistant Professor in Energy Engineering, Harrisburg University
• Chris Hugenholtz, Associate Professor, The University of Calgary

Energy Efficiency Alberta Program Overview
Babar Moghal, Senior Program Manager of CLEAResult®, Energy Efficiency Alberta

Targeted Source Area: Fugitives

Component Inventory and Fugitive Emissions Study
Yori Jamin, Department Head Environment, Clearstone Engineering

Fugitive Emissions Management Plan Effectiveness Assessment
Cooper Robinson, Managing Director, Cap-Op Energy & Arvind P. Ravikumar, Assistant Professor in Energy Engineering, Harrisburg University

Development of a Highly Repeatable and Auditable, Cost-Effective Monitoring System to Locate and Quantify Emissions via Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Ken Whitehead, Research Associate, Centre for Innovation and Research in Unmanned Systems, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Targeted Source Area: Compressors

Compression Seal Vent Packing Study
Laura Johnson, Technical Advisor Climate & Policy Assurance, Alberta Energy Regulator

Compressor Emissions Measurement Challenges
Thomas MacArthur, Engineering Manager, Calscan Solutions

Targeted Source Area: Pneumatics

Solar Instrument Air Compressor Demonstration Project
Kelly Parker, Environmental Advisor, Husky Energy

Solar Electronic Control System Demonstration Project
Greg Unrau, Senior Environmental Coordinator, Repsol Oil and Gas Canada

Revised Emissions Factors for Level Controllers Study
Mike D’Antoni, Business Development Manager, GreenPath Energy and Brian Van Vliet, Environmental Solutions Leader, Spartan Controls

Targeted Source Area: Venting

Enclosed Vapour Combustor Reduced Spacing
Dallas Rosevear, Business Manager, Black Gold Rush Industries

Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand Gas to Oil Ratio and Gas in Solution Measurement
Laura Johnson, Technical Advisor Climate & Policy Assurance, Alberta Energy Regulator

Artificial Intelligence

The Science of AI and its Evolution within the Oil and Gas Industry
Cam Linke, Executive Director, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

How “Ready” is the Oil and Gas Industry for AI?
Matt Klukas, Consultant, Criterium Group

Federal Government Support for Artificial Intelligence in the Oil and Gas Sector
Cecile Siewe, Director General, Canmet ENERGY Devon – Natural Resources Canada

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Analytics

IoT in the Canadian Oil and Gas Market – Challenges and Opportunities
Marty Reed, CEO, Evok Innovations

Oil and Gas Royalty Ledger – Smart Contract Execution
Kevin Stashin, President and CEO, NAL Resources Management Limited

Digital Twin Technology – Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiencies
Robin Daultani, Head of Channel Partnerships, VEERUM

Operational Efficiency: How to Design and Operate Facilities more Efficiently using AR, VR and AI
Jeff Lafrenz, President, and Miryah Scott, Account Executive, VizworX Inc

Contextualizing the Digital Era – Data Source to Visualization: Getting the Right Data to the Users that Need It
Steve Barker, Solutions Development Leader – Operations Management, Spartan Controls