On behalf of the Pipeline Abandonment Research Steering Committee (PARSC), PTAC wishes to retain the services of a research organization or consulting firm (the Contractor) to provide the services described in this document (the Project). Interested parties are invited to submit full proposals according to the specification provided herein.

Pipeline abandonment refers to the permanent removal from service of a pipeline. Pipelines have previously been abandoned in Canada and other jurisdictions. A review of the approved abandonment plans would result in a general understanding of the approaches taken. In addition, the analysis of available information, supplemented by site visits would provide an assessment of abandonment outcomes and valuable information would be obtained on post-abandonment conditions and performance of the abandonment procedures that were used. This issue was reviewed in the prior DNV Scoping Study found on the website of the National Energy Board (http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/prtcptn/pplnbndnmnt/pplnbndnmntscpngstd.pdf). Applicants are expected to read relevant sections of the Study, as this project was informed by it and information is not repeated herein. In 2016, PARSC commissioned a similar study about an abandoned pipeline in the Peace River region of northern Alberta. This purpose of this RFP is to commission a second study with a similar scope, but about a pipeline abandoned on farmland.

Full Proposal 

For the full proposals and corresponding directions, please download the following document: PARSC 015 Request for Proposals

RFP Schedule
September 11, 2017: RFP issued
October 6, 2017: Deadline for receipt of full proposals by PTAC
October 25, 2017: Invitation to a short list of applicants to present and discuss their full proposal with PARSC
October 30 – November 10, 2017: Meeting of shortlisted applicants with PARSC
November 24, 2017: Selection of the best value proposal by PARSC