Executive Summary


The purpose of the Project is to provide knowledge for government and industry to address real and perceived safety and technology issues related to pipeline transportation of petroleum products in general and bitumen derived products specifically. This will be done by identifying sources of expertise and of technology capability; describing the state of knowledge on key issues; determining knowledge gaps; and proposing a roadmap to fill gaps and generally advance knowledge to a desired future state. The outcomes will be to deepen the understanding of the best available practices related to pipeline transportation and safety, so that they are available to and applied in the Canadian energy transportation sector.


The Project will provide (i) knowledge network mapping in pipeline transportation, (ii) knowledge gap assessment and (iii) a roadmap in pipeline transportation applied to bitumen derived products. Specific objectives are:
• Knowledge Network Mapping. Listing and describing individuals, institutions, research organizations, and service providers, as well as key active programs in pipeline research globally, with emphasis on North America. The deliverable will identify who is doing what and where the expertise is located. 
• Gap Analysis. Bitumen derived products, although broadly similar, may differ from conventional crudes in areas that may impact transportation performance, reliability and safety. The deliverable will be to identify knowledge gaps specific to the pipeline transportation and safety of petroleum and especially of bitumen derived products. 
• Roadmap. Once knowledge gaps are identified, research needs and programs can be formulated to guide future technology developments. The deliverable will be a roadmap recommending research initiatives to bridge the knowledge gaps.

Final Report