Industry has expressed the need for a “go to” source for all things methane related in the Canadian oil and gas industry. The initial purpose of forming this Hub was to help industry contacts within the PTAC network understand the differences between current, complete and un-funded PTAC projects, how they relate to each other, who the project partners are, and what stakeholder groups/committees are supporting the projects. The Methane Hub now expands outside of the PTAC network and is inclusive of methane information obtained from a range of sources such as: Funding Organizations, Research Institutes, Academia, Industry Associations, Oil and Gas Operators, and Government among many others.

  • Create an innovation ecosystem where all stakeholders can freely access information related to methane initiatives.
  • Align industry priorities and connect innovators within the ecosystem (researchers, investors, SMEs, end users, governments) to resources (funding, talent, labs, facilities).
  • Identify gaps, and launch methane projects accordingly.
  • Create an ideal platform for accelerating the commercialization of relevant, critical, and cost effective  technologies to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025.
  • Accelerate solutions by becoming a known platform that industry can refer to for all things methane: Funding opportunities, existing networks, events, and projects.
  • Focus on improved environmental performance and cost competitiveness.

The Methane Hub will be facilitated, coordinated, and managed by PTAC. It uses collaborative efforts to assemble methane related initiatives to inform, leverage, empower, and enable existing and emerging R&D activities and entities to share their information and create new opportunities.