The purpose of PTAC is to provide a mechanism that facilitates collaborative R&D and technology development to the benefit all stakeholders in the Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry. PTAC acts as a matchmaker between those that have problems or opportunities and those that have potential R&D solutions. PTAC brings stakeholders together to identify areas where R&D will make a difference, and to launch specific projects to address these problems or opportunities. PTAC promotes industry participation in the resulting R&D and assists with securing funding from a variety of sources. PTAC also facilitates the transfer of commercial technologies from other industrial sectors for application in the hydrocarbon energy industry.
PTAC is a not-for-profit association that facilitates collaborative research and technology development to improve the financial, environmental and safety performance of the Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry.
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PTAC brings stakeholders together to identify areas where R&D will make a difference, and to launch specific projects to address these problems or opportunities in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. Listed below are simply a few initiatives that have improved our industry’s operations…

  1. The PTAC Soil and Groundwater Committee worked with a budget of $1.5M in 2015 ($600K from industry and $900K leveraged from other sources). An industry led evaluation on the value-added by these three projects was carried out following project completion and was estimated that these initiatives resulted in savings for industry of $9.0M – $22.0M annually.
  2. Another PTAC facilitated initiative that has had astounding success is the facilitation of RemVue technologies (air-fuel ratio controller and SlipStream), which have reduced GHG emissions equal to taking 120,000 cars off of the road annually, while resulting in a cost-savings of $28M annually.
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