Since launching in 2020, CanERIC has launched dozens of projects and drastically increased its operations across the methane reduction space. In its short, but incredibly active existence, the Network has:

  • Expanded technology capacity to enable a 48% reduction in methane emissions by 2023.
  • Established an extensive network of participants, including key funding partners Alberta Innovates (AI) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), as well as nearly 30 leading organizations collaborating on methane reduction knowledge gaps with activated funding of ~$15.4 MM.
  • Over the last three years, CanERIC has launched 32 innovative projects funded by AI, NRCan, Industry, Academia and Vendors.
    • 56% of these projects are field-based, 34% are desktop based and 10% are a combination of field and desktop based.

If you are a producer and wish to join and learn about these technologies, or are a researcher and wish to collaborate with a great group of knowledgeable researchers or have a technology that you’d like the members to consider, please contact Brian Spiegelmann at [email protected].