Benefits of Participation

Federal & Provincial Govt

  • Development of technologies that can be sold locally and internationally (jobs).
  • Deployment of technologies to reduce methane emissions and reduce red tape in monitoring emissions.
  • Reduction in costs to producers and incremental methane sales (higher royalties for the Provinces).
  • The reduction in costs for avoiding methane releases can be spent on other projects within the industry leading to industry jobs.

Producers / Mid-Stream

  • Collaboration with others who are working to reduce methane emissions – forum for discussion of ideas.
  • Ability to provide input to the primary focus of the program – The current focus is for solutions to the challenges of tank vents, pneumatics and surface casing vents. Additional challenges are investigated at member discretion.
  • Individual companies save time, energy, and resources through CanERIC.
  • Benefit through tests by others and test technologies of interest to individual companies.
  • Funding for tests.


  • Collaboration with others who are working to reduce methane emissions – forum for discussion of ideas.
  • Understand the needs of the industry; work collaboratively with industry, and have access to industry personnel and sites for testing.
  • Introduction to other researchers for ground-truthing ideas and speeding the discovery and testing of new ideas.
  • Funding for students and equipment.
  • Opportunity to supply testing services to CanERIC.

Technology Providers

  • Forum to access many producers at one place to have your technology understood, and receive feedback.
  • If your technology is of interest to the members, they may propose a test of your equipment.
  • The data of the results are maintained in confidence to the members, but the vendors are free to publish it if they wish.
  • Iterate on your design based on the results and get to market faster.
  • Access to funding, the producers and sites – both laboratory and field – for testing.

Want to Collaborate?

If you are interested in participating in the CanERIC initiative or simply want to learn more about this exciting collaborative network, please contact Brian Spiegelmann [email protected].