Developing & Deploying Technologies to Reduce Methane Emissions

This pan-Canadian network of researchers and end-users has been established to develop and deploy technologies to reduce methane emissions. CanERIC is providing the oil and gas industry with a platform to articulate and rank their most pressing methane emission challenges, while providing technology vendors with a platform to respond to these challenges and better understand the potential market for their products.

Activity Spotlight

While the use of catalytic type heater pads is not new in the oil industry, the use of those catalytic pads to mitigate Surface Casing Vent Flows (SCVF) has not been tested before…

Project B

The objective of this desktop study is to gather information to identify knowledge gaps and vet and assess which clean combustion technologies warrant testing as part of a further field demonstration…

Existing meters for measuring greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions have been insufficiently accurate or prohibitively expensive. As a result, there is little information on flow rates from a variety of sources…

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