On behalf of the Tight Oil and Shale Gas Innovation Network (TOGIN), PTAC is seeking voluntary responses for new and innovative technologies related to water management needs tight oil and shale gas production to address areas of concern, as indicated in the scope section of this document. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals according to the specifications provided herein.

There is no pre-assigned budget for resourcing the proposals received under this RFT. The proposals may however form part of recommendations for future funding as part of the Tight Oil and Shale Gas Innovation Roadmap and other opportunities.


During 2015 and 2016, PTAC is facilitating the development of the Tight Oil and Shale Gas Innovation Roadmap as a source of knowledge for industry, government, and academia to address current and anticipated challenges and opportunities related to the development of unconventional tight oil and shale gas resources by hydraulic fracturing. Specifically, the Roadmap focused on issues related to production and recovery, greenhouse gas and other air emissions, and water management.

The Roadmap was informed by a thorough review of needs, gaps, challenges, and opportunities performed by subject matter experts, in consultation with industry and government stakeholders. The outcome will be a conceptual blueprint for consideration by tight oil and shale gas operators, service and technology companies, governments, regulators, and academic institutions that provides a strategic framework for innovation in hydraulic fracturing technology. The final text of the Roadmap is still being reviewed in committees and will become available later in 2016.

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