The digital innovation-focused arm of the Clean Resource Innovation Network, the Digital Innovation Network (DIN).

Canada’s oil and gas sector, alongside many other industries, is entering an era of considerable transformation triggered by the availability of new digital technologies. A sector once driven solely by resources is now driven predominantly by technology and innovation. Alberta has an opportunity to lead this transformative charge, creating an abundance of new and innovative jobs by utilizing and exporting digital oil and gas technologies. However, in order to remain competitive, the oil and gas industry must wholly embrace and fully utilize digital innovation and its applications.

Alberta entrepreneurs and innovators have been at the forefront of new digital technologies, developing and proposing new products and services based on advanced sensors, big data, analytics, Internet of Things, robotics, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, drones, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, among others. In many cases, technologies developed for the local oil and gas market can be transposed to other industrial sectors and other jurisdictions, providing Alberta small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with superb growth opportunities.

Digital is a key enabler in oil and gas to reduce costs, make efficient and more relevant decisions, and increase productivity. CRIN invites cross-sector discussion and collaboration to discuss how to translate digital efficiency into better, financial performance, and new business growth.

DIN provides the following capabilities at a level and pace not presently available and will deliver outcomes that are currently out of reach for the existing digital innovation ecosystem:

  • Uniform, neutral and complete communications to all stakeholders;
  • A unique interactive digital platform for engagement and collaboration;
  • Educational and knowledge mobilization opportunities through media articles, web posts, webinars, workshops, and an annual Digital Innovation Forum, among other DIN events;
  • Alignment of the current fledging community of practice into a common understanding of research needs, technology gaps, scientific opportunities and promising developments;
  • Launching eminently relevant technology development projects, informed by respected scientific advisors, experienced end-users, and prospective customers;
  • Recognition of excellence through annual student and innovation awards.
  • A unique hub which connects all stakeholders within the digital innovation ecosystem by:
    • Informing academia and SMEs of challenges facing industry that can be overcome by utilizing digital technologies, thereby helping academia and SMEs focus on developing market driven technologies;
    • Informing government and regulatory bodies on the social challenges of the digital transformation, thereby enabling government organizations and regulatory bodies to develop smart policies and regulations for a smooth digital transformation;
    • Informing producers of the opportunities available through the applications of digital technologies which will enable significant reductions to their capital, operating, and G&A costs, thereby improving Alberta oil and gas competitiveness.

DIN leverages the innovative spirit of Alberta producers, researchers, academia, government organizations, regulatory bodies, and entrepreneurs and will contribute to the direct creation of thousands of jobs in Alberta by the end of the program due to an increase in operator demand for installations of digital technologies that fit within DIN’s finalized technology criteria and in with the longer term, facilitate the export of these technologies to other national and global jurisdictions, and industries.

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