Executive Summary

This initiative will automate and standardize data acquisition and handling to streamline air emissions reporting, while combining administrative and management functions to avoid duplication. It will also integrate asset management and emission reduction reporting, and include feedback loops to report on project results.

The Energy Efficiency Project Platform will include the integration of multiple components within one management tool that will support projects though their lifecycle including: planning, implementation, data gathering and handling, project tracking and reporting, and offset aggregation. This streamlined solution will encapsulate Best Management Practices, Data Capture, Project Tracking and Reporting of Aggregated Performance Data and GHG Offset Certification within a data management system.

The Steering Committee is currently comprised of representatives from Cenovus, ConocoPhillips, Devon, Cap Op Energy and the Prassino Group. ConocoPhillips developed this project with Prassino Group as the primary consultant on the project. ConocoPhillips approached PTAC to engage industry in a collaborative project.

The Steering Committee is continuing to interact with other companies to increase the number of participants. Project outcomes are relevant to energy efficiency and the GHG regulatory framework, and therefore will add value to most oil and gas companies.

A major objective of this project will be to work cooperatively with the Alberta Government to streamline the process to obtain Greenhouse Gas Credits for small-scale emission reduction projects. This will allow production companies to realize the full economic value of their energy efficiency projects.

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