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Date(s) - 29/10/2020
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Virtual event: Technology Department

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Canada is the global leader in producing clean hydrocarbon energy from source to end use. CRIN aims to create connections and collisions between the many nodes across the innovation ecosystem regionally, nationally and internationally.  Solutions to today’s energy challenges require an understanding of the entire innovation system and how pieces fit together. CRIN and the work of its various theme groups have already begun identifying the challenges, have a mandate to stay on top of the shifts in priority and make use of the network effect to accelerate the purposeful connections and net returns across these necessary innovation nodes.

PTAC is a Canadian hydrocarbon industry association that serves as a neutral non-profit facilitator of collaborative R&D and technology development, and operates in partnership with all industry stakeholders to transform challenges into opportunities. PTAC has been able to support collaborative networks which advance innovative R&D and technology development projects, that address pertinent industry challenges through activities which reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, enhance environmental stewardship, advance regulatory development, and provide our industry with the social license to operate.

For 2020/2021, the CRIN Digital Leadership Committee will be aggressive in its goals of generating awareness around the digital priorities as laid out by industry, how/if they are affected by recent pandemic occurrences within business operations and how best to validate and accelerate solution pathways.

Therefore, in collaboration with PTAC, the CRIN Digital Theme team is kicking off its 2020/2021 programming with a more sophisticated DIGITAL SPOTLIGHT event on October 29th (9:00 – 11:00 a.m. MST), intended to share news about new and evolving digital Centres of Excellence of direct appeal to those wanting to accelerate key technologies into Canada’s Energy Sector. With such Centres of Excellence close at hand, supporting the CRIN program work, Canada is well poised to accelerate much needed digital solutions for our nation’s exploration, production and transportation issues.

This first DIGITAL SPOTLIGHT event will be one in a series of events intended to put the sector’s business challenges at the forefront and support operators and suppliers in the efforts required to (i) draw together the right individuals within the innovation ecosystem (ii) mobilize the forces (i.e. address the process barriers, mitigate risks, etc.) and (iii) operationalize both the commercialization and effective implementation of technologies that meet those challenges in a timely manner – so as to maximize net gains.

Subsequent DIGITAL SPOTLIGHTs in November will then seek to mobilize the forces further, remove the identified barriers and carve out activations that lead to actionable, winning, proven digital solutions and the communication of those wins thereafter to the broader CRIN network.


AltaML Applied AI Lab, with funding support from The Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) and activation support from ATB, Suncor and Spartan Controls, has created an exciting hands-on, mentored, and paid internship program for individuals with appropriate STEM qualifications to help solve real-world industry problems using data and applied AI/ML. The participants of the AltaML Applied AI Lab will not only support the needs of our sector but will gain essential applied data science experience for immediate job readiness.

Alberta IoT Centre of Excellence is a non-profit organization that exists to nurture and accelerate the success of Alberta’s Internet of Things economy. Our mission is to position Alberta as the world leader in Internet of Things and emerging technologies by recruiting new businesses and expertise that are focused on IoT technologies and to coordinate research & innovative projects that establish the Province of Alberta as a world leader in Internet of Things and related emerging technologies. The Alberta IoT Centre of Excellence exists to recruit businesses & expertise, coordinate research & projects in the Province of Alberta. Our mission is to put Alberta as a world leader in the Internet of Things and emerging technologies.

SAIT DX Talent Hub, part of the SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology, is an enabling resource for the Calgary talent ecosystem. It provides a needed framework and the fundamental training necessary to assist individuals and organizations to overcome challenges associated with understanding, starting, and scaling a digital transformation and it is the bedrock for a new talent pipeline to support our transitioning economy. Our ‘hub’ of programs and services bring future-ready solutions to life for individuals and industry. The future is digital, but the differentiator is people. Talent is at the core of business – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

AMII (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) believes that the true potential of AI is unlocked when companies build internal capabilities. They thrive in a unique role that serves to bridge world-leading research and industry. The organization partners with companies of all sizes, across industries, to drive innovation strategy and provide practical guidance and advice, corporate training and talent recruitment services.

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