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Date(s) - 21/04/2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Remote Webinar Participation

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If you missed the webinar, you can view it here.

Privately held exploration and production (E&P) companies face a lot of challenges.

Firstly, insufficient capital often prevents E&Ps from further drilling and exploiting proven reserves, resulting in failed growth potential.

Secondly, while the need for E&Ps to engage exempt market dealers (EMD) or other registered market intermediaries to help with capitalization; many companies find the engagement and settlement process cumbersome and convoluted.

Lastly, if an E&P company cannot bring their natural gas to market, they must find a solution for their stranded resources.

Enter PermianChain.

PermianChain developed its Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) as a technology tool for E&P companies and registered EMDs to use to solve many market problems. The platform uses Blockchain to enable E&P companies to catalogue, manage, and create value from their proven oil and gas reserves.

Additionally, because data mining companies require efficient power generation and access to economic electricity sources to maintain profitable operations, PermianChain helps drive innovation while increasing netback and net benefits to E&Ps. By deploying portable and remote data centres coupled with modular power generation plants on the wellsite, where natural gas is being produced, we can provide E&P companies with an auxiliary source of revenue by commissioning natural gas-powered bitcoin mining data centres. This transformation of gas-to-bitcoin has proven to result in multiple times netback, allowing E&P companies to optimize cash-flows (by converting bitcoin to cash) and more room for dividend distributions.

Lastly, PermianChain’s BPaaS also includes a natural gas marketplace. This allows E&P companies to digitally sell field generated energy to third-party data centre operators to power onsite remote data mining farms or sell field generated electricity by connecting directly to the nearest power grid.

If you missed the webinar, view it here.