PTAC and GO Pal Emergency Management Services created an online market assessment survey/questionnaire to identify the problem solution fit of mobile technologies in the petroleum emergency preparedness industry with the support of Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF). The purpose was to help GO Pal develop a value driven, cost effective ERP App, compatible with smartphones and tablets for immediate ERP information access for employees at various site locations.

Survey results provided statistics on operator opinions, types of ERPs currently being used by industry stakeholders, company management strategies for emergency response work, current use of consultants for emergency response work, indicated areas of improvement regarding existing ERPs, current usage of existing ERPs by employees, smartphone user capabilities among companies, and budgeting and payment preferences. Telephone and face-to-face interviews were also conducted, which provided details on specific company ERP needs, ideas for improvement and functionality, cost, marketing strategy, and the current demand for mobile ERP applications in the oil and gas industry.