PTAC wishes to retain the services of a water subject matter expert (SME) who specializes in water technology related to oil and gas operations, specifically hydraulic fracturing, with focus on water treatment and storage. This Contractor is to provide the services described in this document. Interested parties are invited to submit a proposal according to the specification provided herein.


The objective of this project is to provide knowledge to industry, government, and academia by addressing current issues and opportunities related to the development of unconventional tight oil and shale gas resources using hydraulic fracturing. PTAC will be hosting workshops and writing the innovation roadmap for tight oil and shale gas.


PTAC has formed a Steering Committee which is guiding PTAC in the implementation of the project. The Steering Committee will assist PTAC in selecting the SME. The SME will assist PTAC during workshops to identify the desired future and strategic drivers from industry stakeholders, to identify gaps and needs, and to identify potential technology solutions. The focus will be primarily on water treatment technologies and secondarily, on new storage technologies. PTAC and PTAC committees have already identified a numbers of gaps and technology needs, and this past work will form the foundation for this present scope of work. A high degree of collaboration and interactions is expected with PTAC members and committees. Research requirements and programs can then be formed to guide future technology developments based on the gaps identified. Finally, the SME will write relevant sections of the innovation roadmap document and the project final report.

The key criteria for selection of the SME will be:

  • Relevant industry expertise in water management and treatment related to hydraulic fracturing operations as evidence by a CV or statement of qualifications.
  • Availability to provide continued part-time support to PTAC between December 2015 and March 2016.
  • Superior writing skills, as evidence by excerpts or reports written by the applicant.


  • Support workshops as required
  • Writing of relevant chapters in the innovation roadmap document and the project final report including:
  • Identification of industry needs and gaps, based on past PTAC work, current workshops and SME expertise
  • A review of all available technologies to help improve water issues related to hydraulic fracturing, specifically involving treatment and storage
  • Creation of a prioritization matrix of technologies
  • Regular and periodic interactions and meetings with the PTAC project team and Steering Committee


The applicant will indicate the desired hourly rate.


The Contractor will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement related to the project.


November 30th, 2015 RFP issued

December 14th, 2015 Deadline for receipt of Full Proposals by PTAC

January 8th, 2015       Selection of the best value proposal by PTAC and the Steering Committee


The requested proposal should contain a very short description of the PTAC project and scope of work, CV or statement of qualifications and short excerpts of reports written by the applicant. The proposal document addressing the following elements must be delivered electronically or by mail to PTAC by the deadline stated above:

  • Project description and scope of work
  • Qualifications
  • Report excerpts
  • Hourly rate
  • Milestone payment information

Contact Information (Please Submit RFP To)

Karlie Beiko

PTAC Suite 400, 500 Fifth Avenue S.W.

Calgary, Alberta T2P 3L5

Tel.: 403-218-7712

Email: [email protected]

For Technical Inquiries

Kristie Martin

Tel.: 403-218-7711

Email: [email protected]


Marc Godin

Tel.: 403-870-5402

Email: [email protected]