Executive Summary

The project was undertaken to identify ways and means of spurring investment in research and technology in order to extend the recoverability of oil and gas in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). A discussion paper – The Challenge & Opportunity – Stimulating

Research & Technology in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin – a literature review, two industry workshops, a web survey and a series of selected interviews were earlier parts of this project. The project scope encompassed the WCSB, with a particular focus on Alberta. The body of the report reflects this scope. It became evident during the course of the project, however, that the challenges and opportunities facing conventional oil and gas and unconventional gas apply beyond Alberta and WCSB: to onshore exploration and production across Canada. In addition, the original focus was on specific R&D opportunities and challenges, whereas the project’s culminating emphasis was on technology deployment for economic benefit (that being the central intended outcome of R&D).

Final Report