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Date(s) - 27/09/2017
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

PTAC Conference Room

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  • Introduction and BackgroundThe AMGAS REGEN process is an Iron Redox Sulphur Recovery Unit which is designed with a completely modular footprint concept, while optimizing chemical performance and efficiency. The system operates on a single gas/liquid contactor/gas scrubbing device, chemical regeneration process tank and elemental sulphur filtration and storage. The design allows for minimum vessel sizing requirement with a high operational run time.  The modular footprint concept allows this technology to be used for either short term projects or permanent applications.The AMGAS REGEN process bridges the industrial cost efficiency gap currently present between processing H2S using consumable H2S scavengers and sulphur recovery units (SRU).  H2S scavengers are ideal for low tonnage H2S sweetening applications, yet become uneconomical above around 50kgs/day due to high OPEX chemical costs and chemical disposal.  SRU’s are ideal for high tonnage H2S sweetening applications, yet have a very high CAPEX equipment cost, long delivery time and require years to pay out the equipment.The main driver behind the use of the AMGAS REGEN is designed to minimize chemical waste that is normally associated with low tonnage H2S removal applications (0-5TPD).  By reducing chemical waste the operator is able to reduce environmental impact from chemical disposal while reducing OPEX for gas sweetening.


    –        Short term or extended well test operations

    –        Gas Sweetening Applications

    –        Amine Regeneration Off Gas Treatment

    –        H2S removal prior to flare in order to meet SO2 guidelines

    –        Sour Crude Oil and Sour Water Sweetening when used in combination of the AMGAS Clear Technology


    AMGAS REGEN Brochure