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Date(s) - 22/06/2017
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

PTAC Conference Room

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  • Canada Chemical Corporation (CCC) and associated companies have developed several innovative technologies in the areas of Energy and the Environment. A number of these will be attractive to Corporations for improving their commercial operations and to Governments for advancing key industries and improving tax income.The purpose of this meeting is to provide non-confidential information about the technologies and the proposed Joint Industry Projects (JIP), and to identify interested parties: follow-up meetings will be held discussing detailed plans and then signing up participants.Speaker: Conrad Ayasse, Ph.D., FCIC
    President, Canada Chemical Corporation, IOR Canada Ltd., Capri Petroleum Technologies, Ltd


    JIP 1. Further development of a low-energy dry process for H2S recovery for deep well disposal with reduced compression costs. The existing patents are included (1- year project).
    JIP 2. Further development of an energy-free air Direct Oxidation Process for conversion of H2S to elemental sulphur with zero sulphur emissions. The existing patents are included (2- years).
    JIP 3. Recovery of CO2 from high-pressure gas directly as a liquid for economical transportation or deep well disposal (Example: Laird field gas). The existing Patent is included (1- year project).
    JIP 4. Development of an efficient CO2 recovery process for low-pressure gas CO2 recovery. Example: SAGD boiler flue gas (1- year project).
    JIP 5. Development of a novel light-weight fracturing proppant for deeper penetration and reduced flow-back (2- yearproject).
    JIP 6. Further development of a Catalytic Partial Oxidation catalyst for conversion of hydrocarbon gas to synthesis gas, including prototype construction and demonstration. Our included present catalyst has GHSV of 80,000 hr-1 (3- year project).
    JIP 7. Construction and field testing of Continuous Fracture Flooding of tight rock using included existing patents for Dual-Channel Tubing or Modified Concentric Pipe (3-year project).
    JIP 8. Liner-free thermal or solvent process for recovery of heavy oil from un-consolidated reservoirs, including our present patents. (2-year project).
    JIP 9. Improved water flooding of consolidated reservoirs with super high rates and recovery factors utilizing induced fractures (2-year project).
    JIP 10. Heavy oil recovery utilizing horizontal well line drive for high oil rates and recovery factors utilizing steam or air. Existing patents are included (field test).
    JIP 11. Thermally-stable foams to pressurize SAGD formations for higher thermal efficiency and lower SOR (2-year project).
    Intellectual Property

    Joint Research Projects (JIPs) will be delineated and Subscriptions will be offered to Industry on a Project basis. For a Project fee, the research results and emerging patents will be provided license and royalty-free to Subscribers. Considerable preliminary research and already-issued patents are included with the subscriptions.

    Non-Subscribers will be able to employ emerging technologies on a Licensed or Royalty -paying basis.


  • 11:30 AM Registration and Lunch

    12:00 PM Presentation and Discussion

    1:00 PM Adjournment

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