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Date(s) - 20/11/2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Calgary Petroleum Club

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  • This Innovation Showcase will over 25 technology and service providers of deployment-ready cost effective, environmental, and efficiency improvement technologies in one room to set up exhibits and highlight the benefits of their solutions while interacting with event attendees. This provides a space where the technology end-users can access a great deal of information on innovative cost reduction and environmental improvement technologies, as well as services available from a number of organizations in a short amount of time.

    Industry faces the challenge of reducing operational costs and implementing more efficient processes to improve overall company performance and safety given the current state of the market. On the environmental side, continued reduction in air emissions is a critical objective of governments and industry. In particular, the Canadian and Alberta Governments have recently announced policies to reduce methane emissions by 40 to 45% levels by 2025.

    Thus, time is very short to affect a vast change in industry infrastructure.Exhibitors will have tables setup in a tradeshow format at the Calgary Petroleum Club, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and event registrants are welcome to visit the showcase within that timeframe to browse and network with showcase participants. An assortment of refreshments and beverages will be provided throughout the Showcase.

    If you are interested in registering for this event as an Exhibitor, please email Kristie Martin at [email protected] for more information. Note there are a limited number of spots available, and they will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

    2018 Exhibitors


  • This event will be held in a trade-show format – No presentations will be made. Exhibitors will have tables setup in a trade-show format at the Calgary Petroleum Club, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Registrants are welcome to visit the showcase within that time-frame to browse and network with showcase participants. PTAC will update the agenda with participating exhibitors as they are confirmed. Below is a brief description of what participating exhibitors will highlight at the Showcase.



    AgriPower is a waste to energy company that uses various forms of biomass waste as fuel to produce heat, hot water/steam and/or electricity. As a renewable energy source, AgripPower assists companies in attaining sustainability goals and land fill avoidance.


    Altus Group

    Altus Group’s Geomatics division offers a vehicle-based greenhouse gas emission detection technology for quantifying and mapping emissions from upstream conventional oil and gas sites and facilities. The mobility of the technology, coined “ExACT” (Emissions Attribution via Computational Techniques), allows for efficient monitoring of developments and can cover up to 100 sites a day. The service is 2-fold – gas data is collected by the ExACT vehicle, and is processed to give operators site-level estimates of volumetric methane emissions. ExACT can optimize current leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs – mobile vehicle-based surveys deliver screening-level data at competitive cost, and under almost any environmental condition.


    Calscan Solutions

    Hawk Vent Gas Meter – Designed to measure and digitally log low flow vent gas such as surface casing vents, pneumatic control gas usage, compressor packing seals and any methane vent with high accuracy.

    Bear Electric Control System – Replacing pneumatic devises with solar electric controls on wellhead separators. Low power Electric Linear actuators, quarter turn actuators with feedback and complete engineered electric wellhead solutions for reducing venting methane from pneumatic devices


    Cap-Op Energy

    Cap-Op Energy’s award-winning Distributed Energy Efficiency Project Platform (DEEPP) is the premier online tool for developing carbon credits from upstream oil and gas energy efficiency and methane abatement projects. Cap-Op continues to make sustainability profitable by connecting the field to the cloud with our Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP), a purpose-built tool for inventorying and executing distributed methane abatement micro-projects. Cap-Op’s team of carbon specialists are experienced in defining environmental assets in the energy sectors using intelligent tools and strategic thinking. Learn more at www.caopenergy.com.



    The CNTRAL Platform™ allows you to centralize your entire inventory, regulations and inspections to stay compliant for your entire operation, including Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) for both Method 21 and Infrared Optical Gas, abandoned wells, pneumatics, tanks, pressure vessels, and more.

    With both Web and Mobile applications (Android/iOS), your field and office can stay in perfect sync and ensure your regulatory reports are accurate and up-to-date. And with integration to your maintenance solutions, such as SAP, Maximo, and JD Edwards, work orders can be automatically created when a regulatory requirement is determined by CNTRAL and can be automatically closed off when the regulatory requirement has been resolved, eliminating double entry and miscommunication.


    Dell Technologies Inc.

    Dell Technologies Inc. is an American multinational information technology corporation based Round Rock Texas. It was formed as a result of the acquisition of EMC Corporation including VMWare (which later became DellEMC). Dell’s products include desktops & notebooks, thin clients, servers, networking, storage, software, Network security, and Professional Services.  Dell is ranked No. 35 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest US corporations by total revenue and holds number 1 positions globally in servers and storage.



    Envirosoft Corporation is a Calgary based software company that specializes in the Environmental, Regulatory, and Compliance needs of the Oil & Gas industry. They will be showing their EMPOWER suite™ of software that provides a comprehensive solution for calculation, tracking, and reporting of Greenhouse Gas/Methane, Air Contaminants (NPRI), Benzene from Glycol Dehydrators (Directive 039), Fuel/Flare/Vent reporting (Directive 060, Directive 017, & EPAP Theme 10). They will also be launching a new application called NOx Manager™, a web-based data management system for managing company compliance with the Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations (MSAPR).


    Extreme Telematics

    ETC has been building electronic controls and sensors for oil and gas since 2001. Their products are low power, hazardous locations approved, and operate over a wide temperature range. ETC is currently the market leader for plunger sensors, as operators all over the world trust the Cyclops plunger arrival sensor and Sasquatch plunger velocity sensor on their wells. They also manufacture plunger controllers for more than 15 plunger service companies under their brand name. ETC recently combined this industrial control experience with their telecommunications DNA to create an integrated edge processing system that is open, flexible, and scalable to drive collaboration between multiple producers and vendors. The Morpheus edge processor is an embedded edge processor that was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of remote oil and gas applications. It features common integrated I/O that can be scaled up, an integrated solar charger, optional LTE modem, and optional local wireless, all packaged in a DIN rail mount case. Morpheus devices are managed from Vision Device Management where you can buy highly analytical edge apps or build your own. Devices all push data that is routed in real time to the monitoring system of your choice.


    Gentherm Global Power Technologies

    Providing ultra-reliable, off-grid remote power for clients around the world, Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) is the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) for remote power solutions. Applications include: Renewable energy technology integration and pneumatic instrument air conversion for methane reduction – Gentherm Global Power Technologies, Power where you need it®.



    GHGSat’s mission is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas (AQG) emissions from industrial sites, using satellite technology. In June 2016, GHGSat launched the world’s first satellite designed for measuring greenhouse gas (CO2 & CH4) emissions from any industrial facility in the world. GHGSat is using this unique satellite and its patented technology to provide methane emissions monitoring data and services globally to the oil and gas industry, with better accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. GHGSat’s next satellite is scheduled for launch in early 2019, and the company is also developing an aircraft variant of its sensor designed to be a complement to the satellites.



    Hawkiiii brings the worlds most advanced wireless sensor technologies to meet growing industry demand for onsite equipment and infrastructure monitoring. Hawkiiii’s patented and non-intrusive strain technology is ideal for load and torque applications. Extreme miniaturization and low power requirements enable easy and permanent placement of highly durable sensors in any applications.


    Hicks Intellectual Property

    Hicks Intellectual Property provides a wide range of Intellectual Property services including handling patent, design and trademark matters.

    Patents are important assets of many technology companies. Hicks Intellectual Property partners with businesses to build value through practical, personal and engaged intellectual property advice. Their team has expertise in a broad range of technical fields and includes patent professionals qualified to practice in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, in addition to Canada. They strive to understand the business objectives of their clients and, with that understanding, meet their clients’ patent needs with timely and cost-effective advice.

    Our Patent Practice Group provides services that include the following:

    • Drafting , filing and prosecuting patent applications in Canada and throughout the world;
    • Prior art searches and patentability opinions; and
    • Reviewing and recommending patent protection strategies for new technologies.


    i-Open Technologies Inc.

    i-Open Technologies Inc., based in Mission ,BC; delivers spatially enabled industry specific custom applications, and is supported by a well-established and proven professional services practice. Focusing on GIS/GeoSpatial and Data Integration as the core implementation models, i-Open delivers solutions to various industry groups and government sector organizations. Whether it is implementing an Asset Management, facilities/space management, or mobile/emergency response planning solution, i-Open has delivered solutions.

    i-Open’s approach can allow an organization to quickly incorporate a highly professional, accountable and reliable team to handle core development projects, support existing applications and systems; or simply become a strong and adept partner to facilitate and assist client organization with mission critical solutions.


    Ingu Solutions

    Ingu Solutions’ Pipers™ offer universal pipeline access using smart sensor technology capable of navigating even the smallest pipelines under the most challenging conditions. Pipers™ travel with the flow in operational pipelines, mapping the interior as well as detecting leaks, magnetic features, geometric defects and deposits that threaten performance and safety – with zero downtime. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to travel great distances over its 24-hour screening range, Pipers™ hardware is provided at no cost. Customers only pay for the inspection analytics and reporting they need.


    OilPro Oilfield Production Equipment Ltd.

    OilPro is Canadian Distributor for Qnergy’s PowerGen, a Stirling Engine remote site power generator. OilPro will display how the PowerGen package works seamlessly with a variety of fuel gas supplies, including natural gas, propane, ethane, biogas, or multiple associated gas streams. An available 5,650 Watts means that they provide more power than traditional thermal and chemical generators to power instruments, controls, lights, pumps and instrument air, and will still have power for electric heat tracing with an additional controllable glycol system heat supply of 48,000-60,00 BTU/hr. PowerGen supplies flexible power and BTU’s.

    PowerGen is a proven technology certified for use in Canada and the US with 100’s of models in use with petroleum producers, pipeline companies, midstreamers and transloaders, but also a strong track record with railways, communications, the military and NASA missions.



    Oplii is an Operation Management solution with specific strengths in Asset Integrity, Preventative Maintenance (and work order management) and HSE, and they help organizations reduce capital spending and improve operational efficiencies by connecting the office and the field through their cloud and mobile platform. They help their clients save millions of dollars annually by streamlining internal processes, reducing touchpoints and eliminating paperwork in the field.

    Recognized as one of the top 25 Canadian Energy Innovators by Alberta Oil Magazine in 2016 and an alumni of Zone start-ups Calgary (Accelerator backed by GE & Ryerson Futures), Oplii is proud to work with many of the most successful upstream companies in Western Canada.

    Oplii will be displaying its innovative digital inspection and work order management solution at the PTAC event.


    Osprey Informatics

    Osprey Informatics provides the most advanced online visual monitoring system for remote assets and sites. Their system is proven in the field to enable a 50% reduction in routine site visits and can assist with managing your sites cost-effectively, prioritizing work, and increasing productivity.


    Process Ecology

    Process Ecology helps companies achieve compliance with air emissions regulations while finding opportunities to reduce emissions – their solution is focused on supporting the Western Canadian energy industry. Their goal is to:

    • Simplify all aspects of their clients’ emissions reporting responsibilities
    • Ensure compliance with constantly changing air emissions regulations and reporting requirements
    • Leverage regulatory activities to find the best opportunities to reduce emissions, save money and optimize operations.

    Process Ecology has developed best-in-class applications to support air emissions reporting, including:

    • Benzene Emissions Advisor – The most efficient approach to report benzene emissions and optimize glycol dehydration and refrigeration plants
    • Methane Emissions Advisor – Manage the reporting of flaring, venting and methane emissions from upstream oil & gas operations
    • GHG/NPRI Advisor – Confidently manage emissions reporting as required for NPRI and Federal/Provincial GHG reporting.


    Saskatchewan Research Council

    A common challenge for the oil and gas industry and associated technology providers is testing and validating new technologies in real-world environments. The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is addressing this industry need with its ground-breaking Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre and Centre for the Demonstration of Emissions Reductions (CeDER) initiatives.

    The Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre uses end-of-life, but still active, Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand wells to test new technologies, which is a new use for these wells and an opportunity to get more oil out of the ground. CeDER is a platform that provides real-world testing, demonstration and validation of emissions measurement, reduction, capture and conversion technologies.


    Simark Controls

    Simark Controls Ltd. is a service oriented “Value Added Distribution Company” specializing in the sales and service of high quality instrumentation, automation, power products, and off-grid solutions. Simark Controls Ltd. is a member of SCF Energy Group, market leader for off grid and stationary power generation and distribution.

    Simark Controls specializes in the development and assembly of engineered variable frequency drive systems. Additionally, we are providers of state of the art measurement and instrumentation products, flow metering equipment, level monitoring equipment and a series of compact programmable logic controllers (PLC).

    The highly skilled and trained employees of Simark are the key assets of the company. The technical staff is certified by the appropriate organizations in a variety of trades, ensuring the quality and dependability of their products and services.


    Sirius Instrumentation & Controls Inc.

    The oil and gas industry takes greenhouse gas emissions and green energy very seriously. Sirius provides a range of products that help companies throughout the Petroleum industry minimize their carbon footprint. Sirius’ solar & electric powered chemical injection systems are designed not only to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, but also to reduce the risk of chemical spills, lessen disposal costs, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize the amount of chemical injected. Therefore, reducing our customer two largest expenses: manpower and chemical cost. In addition, the Sirius smart controller can track injection volume in order to allow our customers to easily claim Carbon credits with our solar powered injection packages.


    Spartan Controls

    Spartan will showcase environmental solutions with proven return on investment.


    Total Combustion Inc.

    TCI is an Alberta owned and operated incineration company that has focused on clean combustion since 1999. TCI provides rental and ‘for-sale’ products that boast no smoke, no order, no visible flame, and reduces methane with a 99.8% combustion efficiency.


    TSGI Corporation

    TSGI is a professional services firm assisting Canadian organizations through all phases of the technology development life-cycle. We bring value to your bottom line by helping you get the most out of the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program. As the Energy industry’s first choice when it comes to SR&ED services, let us put our 20+ year expertise to work and show you how SR&ED should be done.



    VizworX is a software solutions company focused on advancing human engagement with the digital world to accelerate informed decision making. VizworX creates custom solutions, R&D projects, and innovate products using leading edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence-based biometrics, and data visualization.



    Zeel helps energy companies manage the integrity of their pipeline systems.  Zeel’s software and mapping tools help ensure that the money you spend goes further to reduce pipeline threats and hazards. Zeel drives cost savings, streamlines technical analysis, reduces liability and & helps achieve social license.


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