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Date(s) - 06/11/2019
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

PTAC Conference Room

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  • Technology information session would introduce and provide highlights of new disruptive passive compression technology for production process enhancement. Compression technology known as the Surface Jet Pump (SJP) employs existing high-pressure and flow (which otherwise be wasted in normal process operations) as the motive force, resulting in conservation of recurring fuel cost. The salient advantages of SJP as compared to conventional technology such as compressors are; it’s passive has no moving parts, is compact, requires no operators, consume zero electrical power or fuel gas, has zero emissions, has much lower capital cost, is maintenance free and has fast delivery and deployment. Surface Jet Pumps can be utilised for flare/vent gas recovery, boosting production from low pressure wells (including stripper wells) that have been liquid loaded/not producing and for replacing LP or intermediate compressors, thus saving considerable capital & operational costs and carbon footprint.

    This proven patented technology has been effectively deployed worldwide for onshore & offshore locations in UK, Holland, Saudi Arabia, USA, Oman, Nigeria, Norway, North Sea and North Africa. Payback in all scenarios has been weeks to months.


    Disruptive passive technology significantly increases production and has proved to prolong the operating life of oil and gas fields. Skid mounted device can be integrated to existing infrastructure using the energy from a high-pressure fluid to boost the pressure of a low-pressure fluid to an intermediate level.

    Technology advantages:
    1. Passive technology is simple and has no moving parts as opposed to conventional compressors, it is maintenance free
    2. The technology employs existing energy that would otherwise be wasted
    3. Relatively small footprint it is relatively compact, can be installed in tight spaces
    4. Quick payback as it is competitive and has the least operating and fuel costs
    5. Environmentally friendly device with zero carbon foot print & minimal noise levels
    6. Performance is easily modified to suit different depleting well conditions
    7. Easy to install and operate
    8. Compliments existing process equipment
    9. Handles two-phase flow and liquid slugs effectively
    10. Equipment manufacturing includes corrosion and abrasion-resistant materials
    11. Results in lower the unit cost for oil and gas production with minimum downtime
    The SESSION presentation will provide an overview:
    • Introduction of proven disruptive patented technology to the industry an opportunity to bring in efficiencies to existing infrastructure & future development prospects
    • Addressing technology needs and opportunity to fill in gaps
    • Potential technology development programs and support to get innovative products to market
    Who Should Attend?
    • Senior executives leading sustainability initiatives in their organizations
    • Compressor specialists and managers
    • Mechanical engineers, process production and development engineers,
    • Optimization and process development engineers
    • EPC lead engineers
    • Environmental reporting and regulatory compliance personnel
    • Policy makers for sustainability development programs supporting innovative clean technologies

  • 11:30AM – Registration and Lunch

    12:00PM – Presentation and Discussion

    1:00PM – Adjournment

  • Pre-Event Fee: 

    PTAC Member: Free

    Non-Member: $50.00 +GST

    At Event:

    PTAC Member: $25.00 +GST

    Non-Member: $75.00 +GST